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CEBAM wish to thank your support in the past 23 years. CEBAM exits from laboratory service, but will remain to provide Analytical Consultation. 

Cebam Analytical, Inc., a small specialty analytical laboratory, founded in 1995 by Dr. Lian Liang, is dedicated to provide analytical testing and research services to our clients in the environmental, industrial, biological, clinical, foods and agriculture fields. Dr. Liang is an analytical chemist with 40 years experience working for laboratories in China, Belgium, America and International Atomic Energy Agency (Monaco).

Cebam is accredited by WADOE, specializing in analysis and speciation of mercury in various samples using modified EPA 1630 and EPA 1631 Methods and other innovative analytical techniques developed by Dr. Liang and her colleagues.

Since its inception Cebam has built its reputation by providing highest quality services using innovative analytical techniques accompanied by explicit QA/QC protocols and procedures.

  • Ultra low Method Detection Limits (MDL)  

    Using special procedures Cebam can provide MDLs of 10 to 100 times lower than those using existing EPA methods for mercury in a variety of sample matrices to meet project needs.

  • Handling small mass samples

    Using a sensitive balance (weighing to 0.00001g) Cebam can analyze samples as small as 1 mg with reliable results.

  • Fractionation of Mercury


    -Selective extracting
    -Sequential extracting

    -Thermal evaporation

  • Speciation of mercury

    Most common services provided by Cebam for speciation of mercury include, but not limited to, (Analyte / Method / MDL)

    Mercury in water samples

    Total Hg / modified EPA 1631 / 0.1 ng/L
    Methyl Hg / modified EPA 1630 modified / 0.01 ng/L
    Reactive Inorganic Hg / modified EPA 1630 / 0.04 ng/L
    Dimethyl Hg / modified EPA 1630 / 0.002 ng/L
    Elemental Hg / Purge, trap, AFS / 0.05 ng/L

    Mercury in biota and other solid samples

    Total Hg / modified EPA 1631 / 0.5 ng/g
    Methyl Hg / modified EPA 1630 / 0.05 ng/g
    Reactive Inorganic Hg / Leaching, modified EPA 1630 / 0.2 ng/g
    Elemental Hg / thermal evaporation, trap, CVAFS / 0.1 ng/g

    Mercury in crude oil and related products

    Total Hg / Combustion, trap, CVAFS / 0.05 ng/g

    Reactive Inorganic Hg / Leaching, modified EPA 1630 / 0.2 ng/g

  • Data deliverables
    Cebam provides several levels of data reporting to meet specific project needs:

    -Tier I includes a transmittal letter, tabular sample analytical results, method blank   results, method detection limits, and certified or standard reference material results, as well as chain-of custody forms.

    -Tier II, in addition to Tier I, includes results of MS and either duplicate or MSD samples.

  •  -Tier III, In addition to the Tier II deliverables, includes copies of all raw data, analytical         sheets and instrument printouts.

  • -Tier IV is a complete Contract Laboratory Program equivalent data package generated using CLP forms and deliverable requirements as specified in the EPA Contract Laboratory Program Statement of Work.

  • Ultra Clean Sample Handling

    Sample receipt, storage, preparation, and analysis at Cebam are performed in the class 100 clean area. All bottles and materials to be used for samples are pre-cleaned using the procedures specified in appropriate EPA methods. To avoid possible sample contamination at fields, clients are encouraged to ship samples overnight to Cebam for preservation.

  • Rapid Turn-Around Time

    Cebam's standard turn-around time (TAT) is 4 weeks. Expedited services are also provided to meet needs of clients.

  • Bottles and Shipping Containers

    Pre-cleaned bottles and shipping containers are provided according to contracts.

  • Past Performance

    With vast experience and expertise in the development and application of analytical techniques for the determination and speciation of mercury at different levels in a variety of environmental samples, Cebam has successfully provided analytical services to support a number of key projects from federal and state government agencies, national laboratories/institutions, universities, environmental consulting and industrial companies. References for the past performance are available upon requests.

  • Facility and Equipment

    Cebam is a small specialty analytical laboratory. The laboratory occupies a 1200 square feet laboratory and office space.

    Cebam has three Hg CVAFS analytical systems and more than enough necessary equipment/materials to ensure different projects can be processed at the same time.

  • Special services using combustion/trap/CVAFS system Cebam built

    Determination of Hg in hydrocarbons and other industrial materials that is impossible to use traditional methods to analyze.

    A system based on combustion/trap/CVAFS with MDL 0.1 ng/g has been built in Cebam’s lab in 1995. Since then thousands of crude oil and other hydrocarbon samples from oil/gas companies worldwide have been successfully analyzed and results satisfied our clients. Many projects including the one from USEPA have been completed using the system. Although commercial instruments based on the same technique Dr. Liang developed and presented became available two years later our system still show advantages with MDL 100 times more sensitive than most commercial instruments.

  • Custom procedures

    Cebam provides services for development of custom procedures for analysis of difficult samples and solving problems in special situations for our clients.

  • Contact Information

    Patrck Pang, Lab manager,
    Lian Liang, Senior Research Scientist,

·         Resumes

    Resume of  Lian Liang, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Cebam Analytical, Inc.

11812 North Creek Parkway N, Suite 205

Bothell, WA 98011

425 415 1696 (P); 425 415 1724 (F)



Major Areas

∙   Development of analytical methods for determination and speciation of mercury in various matrices.
∙   Development of custom analytical methods/procedures to meet the needs of projects. 


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Antwerp, Belgium
B.S. Chemistry, Guizhou Normal University, China


hemist Dr. Liang is an analytical chemist with 40 years experience working for laboratories in China, Belgium, America and International Atomic Energy Agency (Monaco), and 26 years experience specifically involved in development and application of innovative techniques for analysis and speciation of mercury.

Selected Publications

Lian Liang, Milena Horvat, John Alvarez, Lyman Young, Jože Kotnik, Lisa Zhang, The Challenge and Its Solution When Determining Biogeochemically Reactive Inorganic Mercury (RHg): Getting the Analytical Method Right, American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 4, 623-632 Published Online November 2013 (

Lian Liang, John Gilkeson2, Ed Swain, Elizabeth Bennett, Maya Li, Mei Deng, Patrick Pang,   A Pilot Survey of Mercury in Drugs, Cosmetics and Household Products Using Reliable Analytical Methods, Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, 2013, 3, 256-262 Published Online December 2013 ( Open Access JCDSA  

Xiaoyu Xu, Michael C. Newman, Mary C. Fabrizio, Lian Liang, An Ecologically Framed Mercury Survey of Finfish of the Lower Chesapeake Bay, Arch Environ Contam Toxicol (2013) 65:510–520, DOI 10.1007/s00244-013-9917-1

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Resume of Patrick Pang
Laboratory Manager
Cebam Analytical, Inc.

Ph.D. Program, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Missouri
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois

Mr. Pang has been involved in computer system and software design, development, and Quality Assurance since 1970. In 1997 Mr. Pang joined Cebam as a computer specialist while receiving training in analytical chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Lian Liang. He became familiar with Cebam's services. He has demonstrated his ability in using EPA 1631 and EPA 1630 methods for analysis of Total and Methyl mercury in various samples. He is now working for Cebam as the laboratory manager and analyst.